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Welcome to Rolling Star Skating Club where you’ll find specialised training, guidance and advice from professional sports instructors. Based in Kochi, our certified instructors are expert rollerskaters and fully-qualified in helping you learn the rules and techniques of your game. Whether you’re a novice or an Olympian, our instructors can introduce you to the ins-and-outs or help sharpen your existing skills – so call us today on 9895992767 to discover how we can assist you.

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At Rolling Star Skating Club, we are convinced that there is potential in everyone for greatness. While it's true that not everyone who does gymnastics is going to make it to the Olympics, that’s fine, it’s still a wonderful way to keep fit, make friends, and learn new skills. We have the drive and deliver on safe, friendly and compelling classes that are always fairly priced.

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All our equipment is safe and well-maintained – an essential aspect when it comes to providing a fun atmosphere for our trainees that ensures optimum performance and consistent learning. Our customers have always given a good review after learning with our sports instructors. We continuously strive to stay above our competition with our work ethic and outstanding customer relationships that we have fostered ever since we began coaching. With many different sport training sessions on offer, we have something for everyone.


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